"Glory to Cotton. She is beutiflee."

A deranged fan, Crackers Inc

Cotton is a polygon boss added on June 15, 2017. It is the boss version of the Floret, a 5 sided puffy pink polygon. Cotton has the perfect combination of swiftness and power. Cotton has a Gun, Three spawners, and an Auto Deployer.

Cotton is able spawn in every gamemode.


Cotton is a pink Floret with a Gun mounted at the front, a Spawner at the back, and another two Spawners on the sides angled backwards. On the top of Cotton is an Auto Deployer. The spawner spawns Floret Drones. which look like Florets, but each drone has an Auto Gun.


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Cotton has 4,500 HP, which is higher than the regular boss health, which is at 3,000. When defeated/destroyed, Cotton will drop 45,000 EXP to the tank/player that defeated/destroyed it, which brings a tank to level 45. Cotton has high health regeneration. 60HP per second after being alone for 5 seconds. Cotton is pretty fast too, being 3x as faster than a Booster with a 7/7/0/0/0/0/7/7 build.


Being Cottons front weapon has some advantages. It has the same build as a maxed out Assassin, but with Basic Tank reload. This gun shoots while active and idle.


Cottons Spawners spawn Floret Drones. Floret drones look like Florets, but with Auto Turret mounted on the top. Each of these Auto Guns have 360 degree rotation, and have Gunner Bullet stats. Each of these drones has the speed of a Crasher, but funnily enough, they move AWAY from tank. Cotton can have 12 of the at Max.

Auto Deployer

Cottons one and only Auto Turret is a Deployer. It fires 3x faster than a maxed out bullet build Skimmer. The Auto Deployer has a rotation of 360 degrees, which should be obvious.


While Cotton is idle, she will zoom across the map, avoiding tanks at all costs, leaving an afterimage behind her. The Auto Deployer Turret rapidly spins clockwise, and the Twelve Floret Drones follow Cotton. Cotton, unlike most bosses, actually goes into bases, but is not targeted by Base Protectors, and cannot be damaged by them. While Cotton is being attacked, she goes away from the enemy while shooting at the enemy. The Floret Drones act similar.


  • This is my all-time favorite boss i have made thus far.
  • Cottons name in-game is in cursive.
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