Double Orbiter is a Tier 4 Tank that upgrades from the Quad, Orbiter & Twin Flank Tanks at Level 30, as it is Tier 4 it does not upgrade beyond this point. The Tank is very dangerous and can be considered a parallel to the Octo Tank although with more focused turret fire.


The design of the Double Orbiter is very similar to the original Orbiter, it adds an additional two Satellites from the original design although in the case of the Quad and Twin Flank Tanks this is it detaching the Turrets. The 4 Turrets fire 8 sets of small but numerous bullets in a Double Cross Shape, one behind the player and one in front. The Double Crosses are low angled meaning they will best hit enemies to the side of the Tank.


  • The Double Orbiter has the greatest Reload Speed of any Tank in the game
  • The Double Orbiter also has one of the worst Damage Outputs per bullet and must rely on the sheer number
  • The Double Orbiter is slightly faster than the three tanks it can upgrade from
  • The Double Orbiter also has a slight increase to Health Regeneration
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