"Crackers, what are you doing!???" ~ The Named BOSS

Are we finally here? At the bottom of the barrel? Ahem. Anyways, Flaming Laser Sword is a weapon by Crackers (Tacocat247). It has the power to kill anything in its way, through a simple Principal that can only be crafted through pure power (IE, snails, Scrimitans, Polygons). No tank can handle the immense power though this powerful weapon.


Flaming Laser Sword is not a Light-saber. Its a simple sword, but the blade part is orange, and has a deep red glow. The handle has a yellow glow.


Flaming Laser Swords power comes from the principal that it pressurizes onto every tank. "What cannot be settled by experiment is not worth debating, and the best solution to a problem is usually the simplest one. The goal of a game is to have fun, without tanks ruining it for you." This basically means a lot of things.

  1. Kills tanks with no death function.
  2. If 2 OP tanks fight each-other, then they will both be killed instantaneously. No argument, as they will either, never hit each-other, or nerf each other to infinity.
  3. Kills all tanks with stats above 6x an Annihilator Bullet and 6x that of Ranger Bullet speed.
  4. Kills tanks with maze walls that follow it.
  5. Invalidates tank hp going below 0. All tanks die at 0 hp.
  6. Removes GUI features that kill other tanks, buff, or nerf any tanks
  7. Invalidates tanks tier 4 and above to be spawned.
  8. Invalidates Paradoxes from happening, or for having tanks with paradoxes.
  9. Auto turrets can only have 1 weapon. Playable tanks with auto turrets that have more than 1 weapons are entirely deleted from the server.
  10. Overrides any type of god mode. Arena Closers, Developer mode, and Sandbox are an exception.
  11. Any tank that has above 1 billion of any stat is killed.

This weapon is not a tank, and will not be associated as one.


  • Pages fixed by request of a few people in chat.
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