The Flawed Booster is a boss that spawns after a Level 45 Booster dies every 10 minutes. It is, of course, based off of the Booster.


The Flawed Booster by itself

The Flawed Booster looks like a Booster, but it has new and different features. It has 2 ranger barrels, a reflector in front, and a reflector at the back.


Flawed Boosters

It uses its 2 barrels constantly. Do not shoot at its reflectors. This tank will "boost" toward the tank with the highest level nearest to it.


It has high bullet damage, but low reload. It will use the bullets for recoiling back, just like the Destroyer.


  • Strong against: rammers, snipers, and the like
  • Weak against: Overseers, Necromancers, and the like


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