Frenzy is a Tier 3 Tank that upgrades from the Insectoid at Level 30. It has two upgrades at Level 45; Biohazard, Pillager, Spreadshield, and Half-Hazard. The Tank uses a pair of Penta Turrets that are weaker than a normal Penta Tank although combine the effect of a Flank Guard into them. This is the only Tank in the game that can upgrade to the Biohazard and Pillager directly.


The Design has the Tank equipped with 10 relatively small turrets split into two groups of five on either end. The Central turrets are slightly larger than the rest although this barely effects the bullets aside from a slight size increase.


  • Decreased Reload Speed
  • Fires all Turrets in a faster wave pattern
  • Increased Movement Speed
  • Increased Bullet Damage
  • Increased Body Damage
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