"I was friends with her. Then I never saw her again..."

Galaga is a 1981 Video game, uh i mean a Boss Tank added on June 17, 2017. It is the boss version of the Ship, a ship colored Crasher with the hex color #D4B2B1. It is definantly not from this world, as it uses some new weapons in a unique combination. Galagas weapons include Three Machine Guns, Two Gatling Guns, and an Auto Hybrid Turret.

This Boss, Galaga, can spawn in every Gamemode, excluding the Maze Gamemode.


Galaga is a Ship Crasher with 2 Gatling Guns at the front sides, 3 Machine Gun Barrels at the back, and an Auto Hybrid Turret in the Middle.



Galagas HP is 3,000, which is the same as the regular Boss HP. Galaga, upon being defeated, will give 30,000 EXP to the player that defeated Galaga, which will immediately raise a players level to Level 45, unless the player is level 45. Galagas health Regen is quite moderate at 25 per second after being left alone for 30 seconds. Galaga has the same movement speed as a Fallen Overlord, but is technically faster, as the 3 Machine Guns propel the tank forward.

Machine Guns

Galagas Three Machine Gun turrets are what propels Galaga in a forward direction. The have the exact same stats of a maxed out bullet build Machine Gun. They look like spawners though, so first time players might be confused.

Gatling Guns

Galagas Two Gatling Guns are Galagas main attacking weapon. They have the Gunner Dominators shooting pattern, and have the same build as a 0/0/0/7/7/7/7/0 Gunner.

Auto Hybrid Turret

Galagas Auto Hybrid Turret acts like a Hybrid, except bullet damage is that of Skimmers, and the back spawner spawns 2 Spaceship Drones. These Spaceship Drones are like Crashers but they are slightly faster, and go through tanks to cause continuous damage.


Galaga, while Idle, Travels around the map with Machine Gun Turrets propelling Galaga forward. While Active/being attacked, Galaga locks on to the nearest enemy, and starts shooting at the enemy, with impressive accuracy.


  • If you guess Galagas name origin, you get 500 points.
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