He Has Risen...

Grand Dad is the grandest of all tanks! He appears exclusively in grand mode. Grand dad can spawn dat tank, so he could potentially end the game mode early.


Grand Dad features a white tank body with a blue mustache and pink eyes with a hat shaped spawner.


The Spawner shoots 7 drones that look like Fred Flintstone. The drones shoot wooden clubs. (or spoons) Also, being real technical, the tank is literally a memeified version of the Factory tank. As is, it also has the chance to spawn tanks, and a very low chance to spawn dat tank.


Strong Against: Every tank,Induvidually. Weak Against: Hoards of level 45 tanks

As Grand Dad

As grand dad, just use your drones and clubs

Against Grand Dad

I have no idea


One day, the developer decided to make a tank. This tank was later to be revealed as the master. Problem was, there was a break in the developers system, allowing part of David's Limbo to spill in the data. David used the information to create 3 tank's. Jimbles notronbo, Simplex, and Grand dad. Simplex was self aware and escaped David's endless torcher, but jimbles and Grand dad stayed. Grand dad eventually spilled out and diep.io was inaccessible for 10 minutes. Grand dad corrupted diep.io with his fleentstone army. Eventually jimbles notronbo and simplex deleted him... Then jimbles notronbo went into David's Limbo. Simplex uncorrupted the data and the now mangled master tank. Not knowing what the tank was, he tried his best to fix it... We got factory as a result... Thanks Grand dad!


  • Fleenstones!?!?
  • To be honest, I thought BeniTehCobCannon would make this 1st, but I was wrong.
  • This is most likely a joke.This tank was made by David But while dead. (Don't know how that's possible but ok!!!)
  • I didn't realize how popular this meme was until I made this page.
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