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"When you love a creation so much that you combine 6 of them to create something that has 6 times the defending power than the last one is insane." ~ Type: Sparky

The Hexacosichoron is a boss that was added on May 5, 2017. The Hexacosichoron has a 20% chance to replace a Defender spawn.


Hexacosichoron features 6 green triangles combined together to create a hexagonal body. On each outer side of the hexagon formed is a launcher, and on each corner on each triangle, there is an auto gun. Basically, its 6 defenders combined.


Phase 1


Hexacosichoron heath is 18,000, which is 6 times that of Defenders, and it heals 200 every second, making this a tough boss to kill. It launchers have high reload, and the Auto Guns have the same reload. Traps are larger than Defenders, and the color of the bullets and traps is cyan. Its movement speed is 6x faster than Defenders... SANIK FAST!!!

Phase 2

When it it loses all of its hp, it will split into 6 Defenders, each with 3,000 hp. The only difference is that they only have 1 launcher instead of 3, and they are green with cyan ammunition.