Higher Power

Higher Power is a boss tank added on May 7, 2017… What? Why are you wondering why I’m using rainbow text? Well… I’d rather not say. So, Higher Power has a chance to spawn in the arena after 10–13 minutes have passed.


Higher Power is a gigantic annihilator with marking on it, along with rips and stretch marks. The inside that is shown is a rainbow orb that flashes the same colors as the text that you are reading right now. YES! Believe it or not you are reading! You are also blinking… Its annoying knowing that you blink isn’t it? Also the above is its NORMAL form.


The remains have combined… The failed experiments all came together… Its seemingly omnipotent appearance strikes fear to those who see it… First came a core that had been seen before, then an experiment done to it. Afterwards, it had to be abandoned, as it seemed to be building itself… Afterwards, it broke loose, and stole the exact look of what it first saw…

Phase 1

Higher Power transcends tanks. All tanks run away in abject horror. Why? It takes the from of its enemies weakness. Its 2nd phase has never been witnessed by tanks, but it is rumored that Type: Sparky saw it. There are even rumors that there is a 3rd phase. This rainbow orb with a shell is very unstable. I have never witnessed any form but i have to use rainbow text. I will die if i don’t. So anyways Phase 1. Its a simple round. It shoots a tank as its main weakness. It can only be shot by the tank it is shooting. No damage will be taken by any other tanks that it is not targeting at the time. So, it will only target one tank, and other tanks cannot hurt it.

Phase 2

This phase is rumored to exist but no one knows what it is. The rumored phases are listed below.

P.S: You can suggest your theory in the comment section (You can do more than one, unlike before :3)

QWT0: Heat Death

This theory is the one that most believe. Basically, the rainbow core is revealed, and gains a red shell. It goes super fast and any tank that hits it, the shell gets darker. When the shell is completely black, it expands and it kills every tank, polygon, and itself.

ArenaCloser1337: Update Closure

This theory is a basic one, that a lot of tanks believe. Basically, when the core is revealed, it is a Rainbow colored Arena Closer and closes the game.

4L01510 1337: Impending Doom

This theory is a complicated one. When defeated, it has the same HP as an alpha Pentagon. When destroyed, it cracks open, and a Magma Creeper Doom Machine spawns. If it kills a polygon, it turns into Ultimatenk.

David: Corruption

Corruption: A Diep.io Story

Chapsteck4Yurlipis: Hexagon Invasion

This theory is basic. When the tank and the rainbow core is destroyed, it explodes into a gigantic hexagon next.

The Archprophet

Im not supposed to use him so im just going to carry on.

BeniTehCobCannon: Elite Stuff

The Elite Four Tanks spawn.

Type: Sparky

Oh god… So… when you destroy the first phase, the rainbow core reveals itself and starts shooting lasers while revealing Slimes. Destroying it will reveal another, more powerful rainbow core in it, which reveals another one if you destroy that.


if the boss is alive after the arena is closed you can access the map “the ultimate destroyer’s secret weapon” where you fight the mighty shadow generator at its maximum power. if you win you can put in your tanks from iblobtouch.github.io and also tanks you have drawn on computer. if you lose you cant play diep ever again

You are basically a god if you win.

The Named BOSS

The rainbow orb is exposed, and it explodes, shattering the arena. The arena would then be closed FOREVER.

MrBigWallofText3: Ah What rainbow text?what the hell am i doing here? HALP

Diepmon’s Theory

When it dies, it kills the 10 closest tanks to it except the tank that landed the last hit. That tank gets loads of points (20+ million) and turns into a playable Arena closer for 15 minutes.

Teamerz’s Theory

When it dies, the player who landed the last shot becomes a controllable Higher Power, but with only normal tank HP, however they also get to choose who is on their team, even if the gamemode is domination/FFA/2teams/any gamemode. When they invite someone on your team, the selected person will be forced to join and their tank will have a rainbow color. Can also remove tanks from it’s team at will…

Graviatar’s Theory

When it dies, the centeral core will collapse into a black hole, everyone must keep distance as long as possible untill it finally collapses into oblivion. During this moment, anything that falls into the black hole will be transported to the Exlcusion Zone forever to be tested and experimented on…

KacperLupa.polska’s Theory

When it’s destroyed, it explodes and two Higher Powers appear near to it. Basically it clones itself after its death. ’Cause why not (wynaut :v ).

Tungster24’s Theory

After it dies it will go supernova affecting %50 of the map and eight streams of bullets rain that are very destructive . Then there will be a core that looks like the planet Jupiter but with red marks, that is the size of a basic tank and damages you when touched.

The Tidal Wave’s Theory

Once phase 1 ends, the Higher Power explodes into exactly 1 copy of every boss on DW, including another Higher Power.

The Death Doctor’s Theory

Once phase one ends, it turns into a black, shadowy mass, the size of 12 arena closers. It instills TERROR in tanks, making them move out of control. Meanwhile it has infinite body damage that instakills TBOO Z’s in one KO. It automatically gives the TBOO Z a death function, regardless of all logic whatsoever, all physics, etc. It has the speed of a protector and FOV of entire map.

There is no phase 3 wtf r u talkin about?

Phase 3

OH FOR THE LOVE OF (Insert Tank/god here)! This is crazy. So, some tanks apparently think there is a phase Three… So, im going to try to explain these… TRY… Trust in me… I know what im talking about. IM not insane. T R U S T M E . . .

Type: Sparky

If you destroy the last rainbow core, the tank will explode and herald the arrival of an even greater and more triggered being. Fun fact: I myself am not from the diep dimension :3


If tanks somehow survive the heat death, then the shell shrinks and turns white. The shell is all that is left and has infinite hp. After a certain amount of time, it turns into a Diep.io Square.

Awesome Aquamarine

MrBigWallOfText3: Sigh… Can i ever get a break. If you find this, then you are a secret finder.This will spawn 1 sassafras supreme. Don’t ask how.

The Named Boss

After it explodes, 4 other higher powers spawn in 4 other servers, creating a chain reaction that destroys the entire diep. Io…


Phase 1

To be honest, i have no strategy for this. All i suggest do is to go at this boss as a team, and make sure none of your teammates die, as if this happens, more will die, and this boss will become impossible to beat.

Phase 2


Just run. There is virtually nothing you can do. It will eventually engulf the map entirely. The only way to survive it to be a Spike, so BE A RAMMER!!!


The enemy is a buffed arena closer. There is nothing you can do.

4L01510 1337

Kill all polygons around it. Make sure it doesn’t kill one, because if you do, then it is basically game over for you, and the entire server.


I have nothing…


Just beat all four… T O G E T H E R ! ! ! Make sure to avoid the bullet storm.

Type: Sparky

It lasts forever. There is nothing you can do.


You are OP now! GOOD JOB!!! If you can’t play the game… Too bad.

The Named BOSS

Wait it out. You will go to another arena eventually…


Lets hope you are the one that killed it. If you did, then you are OP now!


(As the higher power): Quickly invite everyone on your team and betray them at the best moment.

(Against the higher power): When a player transforms into the Higher Power, quickly turn to them and kill them ASAP before it invites everyone to its team.


Avoid the black hole. Be a booster.


Keep on killing the additional Higher Powers until the map dies of lag.

Tidal Wave

Be a TBOO (Tidal Wave’s suggestion) Wait until the arena closes, or leave the server (Cracker’s suggestion)

Death Doctor

Just log. Ctrl W. You are doomed.

Awesome Aquamarine.

.Don’t Die. I really have 0 tips for you

Phase 3


Well, it has ended… Good job! You may now gain infinite XP and play Diep.io in Diep.io!

The Named Boss

Try to not kill any of the additional Higher Powers, as the entirety of Diep.io will die of lag

Note By Crackers

Im going to be honest. The only way to truly get rid of a Higher Power is to wait until all arenas are closed, so wait for the next update, which will probably never come anytime soon… Or you will get lucky and arenas with Higher Powers in it will close…

Death Doctor

There is no phase 3 wtf r u talkin about?Lies… I just told you this to re-assure you that you are safe… You are not… Higher Power can survive arena closer attacks, so you are never safe. It will stay there F O R E V E R . . . (How tf do I use rainbow text y u no work)


  • Higher Power’s name was one of the original names of TBOO.
    • Despite this, it was not based on TBOO.
  • Its core flashes the colors of the text above.

Wait… I’m not done yet… What happened to the rainbow text? Don’t ask me…

Lower Power

Very rarely, about 5% of a Higher Power spawn, Lower Power spawns instead.


Oh my… It is Higher Powers core, but it has an infinite sided auto gun that shoots a ring of bullets.

Phase 1

Lower Power does not hold true to its name, as it is more powerful than Higher Power. It bullets have infinite bullet penetration, and damage, so, you will die. Everyone in the server will die, and there is nothing you can do to prevent the storm, unless you shoot it, then it will die. (sans)


Ok… I’ve explained it all… Should i go further then… Hey! The rainbow text is back… At the worst possible moment… Anyways, this i-


I do not feel sorry for him, and thats really sad. I ususally feel really sorry for people who die, but I love the fact that He is gone.

Finally, back to a normal life.

I feel just…. [excited]!*

Heh… They never saw me coming back… I’m unleashing My last strike in the other dimention…

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