Livewire is a polygon boss added on June 24, 2017. It is the boss version of no specific polygon. Livewire is a sturdy boss that is powerful. Livewire has Two Twin Auto Turrets, a Flashpoint Auto Turret, and two Machine Gun barrels at the back of this boss tank.

Livewire spawns in every gamemode, except for the maze gamemode.


Livewire is the boss of no specific polygon, although it does look like the tip of a spear. On the 2 long sides are Two Twin Auto Turrets. On the top is a Flashpoint Auto Turret, and mounted on the back are Two Machine Gun Cannons.



Livewire features 3,000 HP, which is the normal amount for a Polygon Boss Tank of its time. Livewire also drops 30,000 EXP upon death, which is the normal amount.

Auto Twin Guns

The Auto Twin Turrets act akin to a maxed out Twin each. Avoid them at all costs; They could cost you a game over.

Auto Flashpoint Gun

The Auto Flashpoint Gun is a new weapon of choice, as of 10/8/2017, Flashpoint doesn't have a page, but here is a basic overview. Flashpoint acts like a pump-action sort of tank, firing bullets at increasing speeds, 10 total.

Machine Gun

The Machine Guns are self explanatory; They fires like a maxed out bullet build Machine Gun, although very rarely, about a 1/10000% chance, they can spawn a Green Polygon of any type.


  • Livewires old Design

    This boss, Livewire, has an old design, shown off to the right.
    • As you can see, it used to feature 4 Auto Guns, and Auto Predator Gun, and 1 Machine Gun. Not only was this too OP, the art itself was sloppily done.
  • Livewire is currently the only boss that can spawn Green Polygon variants.
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