The Parasite is a Tier 4 tank that can be unlocked by defeating the The Warden. It is similar to the Infrared because it is also an unlockable tank. It gains Drones by destroying/killing Triangles.


The Parasite has a triangular base, the first of its kind, and 3 spawners on each side.


When upgrading to Parasite, the circular base of the tank, turns into a triangular base, then adds the 3 spawners on each side. It acquires better Reload, but decreases its Bullet/Drone Damage. It will also increase its Movement Speed, but then it will decrease its Maximum Health. Again, It gains Drones by killing Triangles, similar to the Necromancer.


  • Strong against: Low reload tanks, Low DPS tanks, slow tanks, low health
  • Weak against: High DPS tanks, bullet spamers, fast tanks, high health

The Parasite should be played as if it were a Necromancer or Overlord. The best strategy is to avoid fast-moving tanks like the Booster, and to go for slow or low health tanks.


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