"Look! Hieroglyphs! Said the Ignorant people that couldn't understand them. These creatures are surely dangerous. They may look weird, but should not be messed with. " ~ Lord Mancer

Questio and Exclama are a duo of bosses that have a 5 percent chance of replacing a Defender spawn. They look weird but should NOT be messed with.



Questio features a circular black body with an eye on it. The eye is halfway closed, giving off the look that he doesn't care about the tanks around him. On the top there is a hook with the same color, giving off the appearance of a question mark. At the sides there are robotic arms. The arm's are segmented with circles. The hand looks like a Pac-man shape. His eye is red


Exclama features a circular black body with an eye on it. The eye looks normal but sometimes blinks into an upside-down V shape. On the top there is a thick black line, giving off the appearance of an exclamation point. At the sides there are robotic arms. The arm's are segmented with circles. The hand looks like a Pac-man shape, and his hands are not attached to his body. His eye is blue.



Questio is the slowest out of the 2, moving as fast as a tank with zero points in movement speed and 7 points in body damage. His attacks are extremely powerful.


  • Blue Yeti: Questio will start to move twice as faster and slightly turn blue. Tanks hit by him will become slower and become poisoned.
  • Cyclical: Questio will start spinning around. Questio will be invincible during this time. Any tank hit by him will die instantly.
  • Clippers: Questio will use his hands as scissors. Tanks cut will have a random debuff and will lose 25% of their current hp.


Exclama is the quickest out of the 2, moving as fast as an arena closers bullet. HIs attacks are extremley weak but he can spam them. His lower hp makes up for this.


  • Blink of an eye: Exclama will move 3 times as fast. Any tanks hit by him will tank damage, but exclama will take recoil damage.
  • Launch: Exclama will launch his hands out of his arms. Any tank hit will move faster, but if it rams into ANYTHING, then it will lose 75% of its hp.
  • Bumping: Exclama will become yellow. Anything that hits him will become yellow and will be bounce off of him. Those bullets will now hurt you.


  • The Machine: Questio wand Exclama will create a machine that spawns fallen tanks.
  • Rocket: One of the bosses will spin around like crazy, while the other rams into them. The other boss will get launched while the other boss will start spewing traps for 5 seconds.

Phase 2

When both bosses are below 1000 hp, they will stand still and corrode. When both are like this, they will be a shield around them, which can be activated and deactivated because of RNG. The shield will act like the "Bumping" attack. Other than that, nothing else changes.

How to Pacifist

Questio and Exclama are one of the few bosses you can pacifist. It's easy to do it. All you have to do it enter the machines Spawner during The Machine attack is happening. If you get in there, it explodes. Questio and Exclama look at you with awe, shake each other's hand, and disappear. You'll see them again against a bigger threat...


  • Artists! Do your work!
  • Just take a guess on what it is based on. (It is not a Question mark and an Exclamation Point.)
  • Questio and Exclama do not turn Spanish when upside-down.
  • More info coming soon!
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