All rammers unite, as all witness a spectacle. The product no one asked for. The plans were complicated, but, as soon as it was revealed, everyone was in shock. The machine was too powerful to be controlled. Has the Incorporation gone crazy? The tanks, polygons, bosses, and even workers of toe company have been hurt, hospitalized, or even killed by this machine. In the days before the machine was even conceptualized, Crackers had gone crazy. All was not right. The workers were worried. The machine was filled with the creators madness. Was Crackers always this crazy? Maybe. Creating death machines disguised as defenders, killing tanks for parts, subjecting torture to some workers. Crackers is clearly not normal. The RammaTron reflects Crackers's madness in the best way possible...


The RammaTron is a boss tank created by pure madness by the leader of a seeming harmless corporation. This tank is infamous as the main reason the company almost went bankrupt in 2004, as the machine was too unstable. It can be rarely seen outside of the map, as it only goes into the map when it "Spawns."


RammaTron is a cluster of boosters that all act like a hivemind. Each booster has distinct burns, scratch marks, and holes. All boosters are surrounded by a circle with a small hole at the top and metallic platings.


Being forged by madness has its upsides, as being A DEATH MACHINE has something to do with it. Its normal attack pattern is in RNG, to make it extremely unpredictable.

  • 0-20: Rams in unison to a random target.
  • 21-50: Some boosters go out of the hole and go into random directions, ramming anything in their way.
  • 51-70: Spins around leaderboard tanks for no reason. Spinning releases a ring of bullets.
  • 71:89: All barrels fire like hell, as it zooms across the map, ramming anything in its path.
  • 90: A purple auto trapper spawns near it and tries to dis-mantle the machine, but it eventually turns red and turns into a triangular shape.
  • 91-100: The RammaTron gains a spike shell. It keeps it for the rest of the battle.


  • I am not actually crazy. Crackers is crazy for story purposes.
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