"Fully automated, but with no other purpose other to defend..."

The Reznor is a boss tank added on June 15th 2017. It is the boss version of the Bouncepad, an Eight sided puffy polygon. This boss has an abundance of weapons to kill tanks with. Reznors weapons include Sixteen Auto Turrets, and an Auto Quad Tank Turret.

This boss can spawn in every gamemode, including Exploration, except Maze.


The Reznor is an orange Bouncepad with an Auto Turret on every circle, an Auto Turret between every circle, and a four sided Auto Turret in the middle.



The Reznor has a kind of small HP, at 2,500, which is weaker than the traditional boss HP, which is at 3,000. Upon Defeat of the Reznor, it drops 25,000 EXP, which surprisingly still brings a tank to level 45 at any level below 45. Funnily enough, this boss has so little health regeneration, you can say that it has none. Its health regeneration is 1 every second if left alone for 10 seconds. Its body damage is of that of a 10/10/10/0 Spike, and Reznors movement speed is that of a Defender.

Auto Turrets

Auto Turrets

Every single Auto Turret on Reznor (Excluding the Auto Quad Turret) has the exact same stats. They have the same stats as Gunner with a maxed out bullet build, but have Snipers reload. While Idle, Reznors Auto Turrets do not rotate. The ones on top of Reznor have 360 degree rotation, while the ones attached to the outside body have a 25 degree rotation.

Mounted Quad Auto Turret

Reznors Auto Quad Turret has the same stats as a maxed out bullet build Quad Tank. This Auto Turret automatically spins counterclockwise, and always has auto fire on.


While Reznor is Idle, it automatically spins, and none of the regular Auto Turrets fire. When being attacked/attacking, Reznor moves away from tanks while shooting at them. Reznor, like any boss, avoids bases. All in all, Reznor acts like Defender.


  • Guess Reznors name origin and you get 2000 points (These points DO matter).
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