"Can't you trust me enough to create a tank? God! You really must be compensating for something..." ~ Crackers

Singularity is an AI controlled boss tank added on March 19 2017. Singularity has a chance to spawn into the arena after 10-13 minutes have passed, and after 15-23 minutes after the previous boss had been defeated.


Singularity features a square tank body with a red and blue pixelation. The 2 spawners are also pixelated. Around the tank is a glitchy square that acts as a shield. Basically, its an extremely glitched boss Necromancer.



It has an abundance of health, which is at 45,640, but it has low health regen. Its spawners spawn glitchy sunchips, which have the pixelation effect and have pixels flying off of it. The squares do the same damage as an auto turret wih 5 bullet penetration and 7 bullet damage. There can be 25 squares. Each one has about 10 health points, and even have health regen, at 5 every 2 seconds. Ith glitchy shield can be destroyed temporarily by using traps and a lot of bullets. If you are close to it and its shield comes back, you are trapped there, and will most likely die, The shield, if touched, can also hurt you.


Upon destruction/defeat, it will drop 456,640 EXP, which is a lot of EXP. This immediately raises a tanks level to 75 (Yes i did the math).

Just like the Guardian, the Defender and all of the other Bosses, it is not targeted by the Protectors unless it provokes them, and the Base itself can raise its HP by 20 per second, which is less than its regular Health regen, but can add onto it and make its health regen higher than it actually is.

Drones cannot hurt this tank.

When it spawns, a gray notification above the screen will state: “The Singularity has spawned!”


  • Strong against: Weaker tanks, tanks with low bullet damage or penetration, ramming tanks, focus fire DPS, Overseer branch
  • Weak against: High ROF/DPS, Destroyer (Hybrid, Annihilator), Trapper Branch, Auto tanks.
  • While at a low level, don't get close to it. The shield can trap you and you WILL die.
  • In team modes, you can work together with others to kill this entity.
  • Rammers cannot damage any part of this tank, as the shield can block their ram and give them damage.
  • Factories are eventually useless as factory drones cannot damage Singularity.
  • High ROF tanks can easily take out this monstrosity, as the shield can't handle all of the bullets. Triplets and Sprayers are recommended
  • Destroyer bullets can easily destroy the shield and can heavily damgage the tank.
  • Overseer tanks cannot hurt this tank at all, as their drones pass through the tank body, or get destroyed by the shield.
  • Trapper branch tanks can hurt this boss, as the boss is huge and cannot avoid traps.
  • Auto tanks have an easy time against this boss, as the auto guns can damage this boss while you avoid it.


  • If this tank needs a nerf let me know.
  • The 1st extremely complex boss i made.
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