"So, it's duplicating, but it's also capped?"

QWT0, Crackers Inc.

Snazts is a polygon boss tank added on 10/9/2017. Snazts is not based off of polygon, but it's based off of a charecter that me and my friends would play around with from time to time. Master of deception and... Well not squares? Anyways, Snazts has Two Cannons, Spawners, and Auto Turrets.


Snazts features a yellow rhombus shaped body with a grid on it. On the front are Two Spawners, in the sides are a cannon each, and on the back are Two Auto Guns.



Snazts has 3,500 HP, which is slightly above the regular boss average. Snazts also gives 35,000 EXP upon death, which is also above the average.

Auto Turrets and Cannons

Since they had the same function, and had the same stats, they had to be put together. Both have the stats of a maxed out Machine Gun, but without the spread.

Spawners and Clones

The Spawners spawns not drones, but a clone of Snazts every 4 seconds. Each clones is exactly the same as Snazts, but has 100 HP, and no Spawners. 20 clones maximum.


  • Snazts is the only boss of mine that can clone on a large level.
  • Snazts was originally a cubic robot.
    • This marks the only instance of Ciep before Diep.
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