The Steamboat is a generation 2.5 Boss tank added on 10/6/2017. Steamboat is based off of a real life Steamboat, which is reflected well in it's design. Steamboat is a barrage to any player. It features Five Guns, Three Spawners, and One Compass.

Steamboat only spawns in FFA, and Domination.


Steamboat features a beige circle and square hybrid body, with a Compass in the middle of the square part, Five Cannons at the front that are spread out, and Two Spawners at the side, and a Spawner at the back.



Steamboat has the exact same HP as Erebu, which is 3,300, and gives the same EXP, at 33,030.


Each Spawner spawns a Mine Dropper, for 3 of them in total.

Mine Dropper

A Mine Dropper looks like a red Steamboat with a launcher at the back. The launcher shoots a trap ever one and a half seconds.


Each Cannon has the same stats as a fully maxed out Ranger, except for reload, which is that of a Battleship Spawner.


The Compass is for decoration. It aims at the tank it is targeting at. It's basically an Auto Gun that doesn't fire.


  • The Reintroduction to the Compass weapon.
  • Steamboat is based off of a Steamboat.
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