The Crimson Cutter is an AI-controlled Boss. It is similar to the Custodian and the Warden, both bosses.


It has a triangle base, 3(three) launchers behind, 2(two) Pentashot-shaped barrels, and 2(two) spawners behind the barrels. Or you can just look at the photo.


Crimson Cutter

The Crimson Cutter is a kind of a combination of the two bosses, The Custodian and The Warden.


It has 5,450 HP, making it one of the strongest bosses. Its drones are similar to the Overlord's drones.


  • When killed, it gives 40,000 XP to the player.
  • Its theme is Sweet Dreams by NightKILLA/Rukkus/Realistik.


  • Strong against: Almost all tanks, except groups of Streamliners, Pentashots/Spreadshots, and Trapper branch
  • Weak against: Groups of tanks, generally groups of Streamliners, Spreadshots/Pentashots, and Trappers


Icon of Crimson Cutter


  • It is the 1,330th page, meaning that is the wiki's in the 1330's now.
  • Made in FTB.
  • Made by Aqua AKA Marinarus Aquaticus in the Discord chat.
  • Inspired by Graviatar's Triangular Terror.
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