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The Custodian is an AI-controlled Boss. The Custodian has a chance to spawn 15 minutes after the server starts. This and bosses opposite of its side may fight. Its side is on its Leader.


The Custodian has a triangle body and has a total of 9(nine) Launchers, and a total of 3(three) Auto Turrets. Two basic turrets are at its corners and one Destroyer turret in the center. It is basically an upgraded Defender.



It has 4,750 HP which is more than two Defenders. This time it heals slightly faster that the Defender. Its only source of recoil is its Destroyer turret.


  • Upon defeat, it will reward 50,000 XP to the player.
  • Changes its path whenever it detects a player in its range.
  • It will not be attacked by base protectors.
  • It can never be attacked by the Defender.
  • Its theme is Time Machine by Waterflame.


  • Strong against: Low DPS, melee tanks, etc.
  • Weak against: High DPS, sniper branch, bullet spammers.

Do not use melee tanks as its health will deplete, but its body damage will kill you. This happens same with rammers. The strategy against the Defender will work for this.


Icon of Custodian


  • This is a conception by Aqua.
  • This is made in FTB.
  • Its spawn message is: "The Custodian has spawned!"
  • Its defeat message is: "The Custodian has fallen and destroyed by <Player Name>!"
  • It is one of the remakes, alongside with The Rebirth, and The Warden.
  • The name of the boss is synonymous with the Defender.