The Havoc is an AI-controlled Boss. It has 4,600 HP and gives 50,000 XP total. It is inspired by the Twins, and other bosses similar to that.


It has 2 triangle bases, one magenta and one red. The red triangle has 2 Launchers and an Auto Triplet in the center. The magenta triangle has 2 spawners and an Auto Destroyer in the center. The two are connected.




The Auto Destroyer has the same damage as the Destroyer's bullet, and the Auto Triplet has the same damage as a Triplet. The Boss itself can track two players down. However it can choose whoever to track. The connectors can extend too. It is as slow as a Booster firing backwards.


  • Its spawning message is, "The Havoc has begun"
  • It gives 50,000 XP to the player.


  • Strong against: Low DPS, slow firing tanks (for the red), Slow tanks, rammers (for magenta)
  • Weak against: High DPS, bullet spammers (for red), Fast tanks, bullet spammers (for magenta)


Havoc Icon

Icon of Havoc


  • Made by Aqua.
  • Made in FTB.
  • First duo boss by Aqua.
  • Its original theme was Holography by Garlagan.
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