The Havoc is an AI-controlled Boss. It has 4,600 HP and gives 50,000 XP total. It is inspired by the Twins, and other bosses similar to that.


It has 2 triangle bases, one magenta and one red. The red triangle has 2 Launchers and an Auto Triplet in the center. The magenta triangle has 2 spawners and an Auto Destroyer in the center. The two are connected.

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The Auto Destroyer has the same damage as the Destroyer's bullet, and the Auto Triplet has the same damage as a Triplet. The Boss itself can track two players down. However it can choose whoever to track. The connectors can extend too. It is as slow as a Booster firing backwards.


  • Its spawning message is, "The Havoc has begun"
  • It gives 50,000 XP to the player.


  • Strong against: Low DPS, slow firing tanks (for the red), Slow tanks, rammers (for magenta)
  • Weak against: High DPS, bullet spammers (for red), Fast tanks, bullet spammers (for magenta)


Icon of Havoc


  • Made by Aqua.
  • Made in FTB.
  • First duo boss by Aqua.
  • Its original theme was Holography by Garlagan.
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