The Rebirth is an AI-controlled Boss that summons orange square (necro) drones. The Rebirth is on its Leader's side.


The Rebirth has a yellow square base, and 12(twelve) spawners. It is similar to the Summoner.



The Rebirth's drones are similar to the Necromancer's drones. Its drone-spawning rate is about 8 drones per second.


Its health is about 4,575 HP. It is almost more than 2 times the health of the Summoner. It has the same reload rate as the Overseer, but it has a faster moving speed than a Booster shooting backwards.


  • It will give 45,000 XP to the player when killed.
  • It is not attacked by base protectors.
  • It can never be attacked by the Summoner.
  • Its theme is Eurodancer by TMM43/DJ Mangoo.


  • Strong against: High DPS, bullet spammers.
  • Weak against: Necromancers, Overseers, Managers, etc.

As said above, only use tanks that are strong against this.


Icon of Rebirth


  • Made in FTB.
  • Made by Aqua.
  • One of the remake bosses.
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