The Stratamax is an AI-controlled Boss. It is similar to the Rebirth and the Warden.


It has a square base with yellow and green tiles. Its barrels are positioned in a circular pattern. Its spawners are placed at the corners of the boss. Or you can look at the image.



The Stratamax has the same firing rate as the Warden, and has a higher damage rate than the normal Summoner.


  • It gives a total of 35,000 XP to the player that killed it.
  • Its theme is Challenge 1 in the Bejeweled Twist soundrack.


  • Strong against: Most Low DPS tanks, and a few High DPS tanks.
  • Weak against: Necromancers, Overseers, etc.


Icon of Stratamax


  • Original name was the Ultramancer, however it was changed to the Stratamax becuase of upcoming bosses using the same prefix, "ultra."
  • The name Stratamax is inspired by Bejeweled Twist and Bejeweled 3's challenge known as "Stratamax"
  • Made in FTB and editing softwares.
  • Stratamax means "Strategy" and "Maximum"
  • Made by Aqua.
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