Tilde is a Peripheral Boss added on July 8th 2017. He is the Boss version of no particular polygon. He is extremly precise, but hates irregularity (OCD). Tilde has 5 small Cannons, and a big Spawner at the back. Tilde has a chance to spawn 10-13 minutes after the server starts, and 15-23 minutes after the death of the previous boss.

Tilde can spawn in every gamemode, except for Maze.


Tilde features a complicated body shape that has a resemblence to a Video Game controller. At the front are 5 very small guns, some focused, and some spread apart. At the back is a spawner that is almost the same width at TIlde.


Like most other bosses, Tilde has 3,000 HP, and like most bosses, upon defeat, drops 30,000 EXP to the player that killed Tilde. Its small Cannons do the same damage as a Basic Tanks barrel, while reload is the same as Gunner. The spawner spawns 30 Crashers, 5 Semi Crushers, and 2 Disruptors. Reload for the spawner is the same as Machine Gun.


  • It is not targeted by the Base Protectors unless it provokes them and the Base itself has an effect on it
  • Similarly to Arena Closers, it is not slowed down at all when bumping into Polygons.
  • Has the same movement as Fallen Overlord.


  • My 1st conception page created on the regular wikia
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