Toxin is a Tank that upgrades from tank at level 45. It may further upgrade to Flank Toxin, Twin Toxin, Mega Toxin, or Rapid Toxin. Idea by Tungster and Adopted by Tacocat247.


Toxin features a circular tank body with a thin gun at the front. The gun is the same length as a sniper gun bit is a bit thinner. In team mode the bullets and the tank is the team color but on FFA it is a dark green.


It has a bizzare reload level but damage is low and penetration is a moderate good amount. It has low health though. It has the ability to control 2 things, even a boss. But only for 2 minutes. Then the boss will flee. And will not attack you but you cant attack it either. It turns to a dark green representing Toxin. This tank also can help itself if it can get hit by its own bullet. The bullets leave stains on maze walls for 20 Seconds, Its there for decoration, Mail wont be sent to this tank though. It also repels other tanks by %1 If you increase body damage, you can repel players and bullets by %9!


  • Strong against: Rammers, Bosses, Low DpS Tanks.
  • Weak against: HIgh DPS Tanks, Streamliner, Area Denial Tanks, Mailmen.

Flank Toxin

  • To be added
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