The Turntable is a generation 2.5 boss added on 10/3/2017. It is one of the few generation 2.5 tanks, others being Terminal, Electromagnet, Hypotenuse, Stagner, and Steamboat. Turntable can be described as literally indestructible. It has an Auto Hunter Turret mounted at the top of Turntable itself, and Three Reflectors around the tank.

Turntable only spawns in maze


Turntable, in hindsight, has a very simplistic design. It features a red triangular tank body, with an Auto Hunter Turret mounted on the top of the tank body. Around the tank are Three reflectors. All in all, it looks like a triangle in a circle with a random mass of polygonal shapes in the middle.


Turntable is a strange Boss. It is technically the only completely defensive Boss. The Auto Hunter gun has the same stats as a maxed out Hunter. The reflectors cover the entire tank, meaning that no damage can be dealt to Turntable by bullets, traps, or drones. They will either be destroyed, in the case of Bullets and Drones, or pushed around, in the case of Traps. Turntable also has a charge ability, but it is sometimes faulty.


Turntable has 300 health, which is extremely weak compared to other bosses, but its pretty understandable if you know how to beat it.

How to beat

From what you have heard, you might think the Turntable is completely invincible, but there is a way to kill Turntable. If it charges at a fast enough speed, Turntable will take between 5-10 damage. Meaning at most, you will have to do it 60 times, and at least, 30 times.


  • The reason why it only spawns in maze is because there would be no other way to kill Turntable.
  • Turntable, if it could be hit, would be a lousy boss.
  • Turntable is the first truly defensive Boss, relying on its reflectors.
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