aka Moon Lord

  • I live in somewhere
  • My occupation is Being high. Over a video game controller.
  • I am The final boss of Terraria XD
  • Bio An edit lord on the wiki (kinda), conception maker, and a FANDOM user. No idea how to make a bot, though. Don't worry, ask me anything on my message wall, I don't bite. And... I may sometimes be a little too crazy. I'm also a little good at CSS, although you should probably ask someone else for that. I also probably have the world's longest bio, I dunno. My bio is so long it has a [SHOW MORE] button, and you may have needed to use that to see this. Anyways... I have the bulk of my edits on the and Terraria Fan Idea wikis, so... maybe talk to me there about the stuff I make there.
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None yet! But tell me on my message wall if there is a vandal you want blocked. Or, at least... when I become a staff member.



Quoted off of [1]something that Hexen needs to break?

No, he dosen't, it's just funny!

Also, my best highscore is 675K with the Overlord, and my second best is with the Streamliner at 543K score. My third best is Assassin with 476K score. My fourth is 312K with Landmine, and my fifth best is 198K with Stalker. I'm a pro at, you should play it!

My Arrasio Private Server: [2]

Welcome To My Profile, <insert name here>!

pleasedontblockme.exe has run

deletewarning.exe has been run.

donttrydude.exe has been run

Those were my attempts to get rid of dumb chances for you to block me and don't block me for this.


Do not vandalize this page. I will personally ensure you are perma-blocked upon doing so. It's like flagging YOUR profile page deleted. How would you like THAT to happen?_______________________________________________________________________________________

Achievement Ideas

Bullet Swarmer
Upgrade to Max Reload with a Machine Gun, Gunner, or Streamliner
One Hit!
Upgrade to max Bullet Damage with the Annihilator
Snipe King
Upgrade to Sniper 1000 times.
Upgrade to max Bullet Damage with Destroyer
King of
Kill 80,000 tanks
King of the Leaderboard
Get to 1st place on the leaderboard 500 times.
Down in History
Get 5 million points
Hit an Arena Closer with a bullet, the world's dumbest move.


I am on the minecraft wiki



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