The Archprophet

aka Archprophet

  • I live in The Tower of Gladii
  • My occupation is Archprophet
  • I am whatever you want me to be in order to crush your ignorant dreams

Hello filthy mortals! IT IS I... YOUR UNDOING!

OH HO HO! Thanks to your silly little MERGE GAMES, I've been able to cross the barrier from Conception Wikia to the fresh new realm of Wikia through the power of THE TALE OF DIEP! It's almost laughable how STUPID you are, letting an all powerful leader like me cross into your world. For, in case you didn't know, I HAVE PLANS TO CONQUER IT!

You silly pathetic heretics of DCoW, may have beaten me back many months ago, but now that FINALLY the rift between worlds has opened, I can, with much more power and many more cultists at my disposal, be able to take over your Realm in the name of the Cult of Panzer without a scratch! Prepare yourselves, little fools, convert unto me now or face the worst of deaths!

You have until the end of August to submit to the Cult, or you shall perish slowly and painfully, letting the ashes of the fallen around you consume your body all the same! There's a special place waiting for people like yourselves... and if you DO try fighting... just know your soul shall soon power to the nefarious machine that is our passion, making sure every vile light that rises against my goals is snuffed out. THIS TIME! THIS TIME I SHALL CRACK THE CHAMBER AND PANZER SHALL FORM! Your puny swords and guns mean nothing in this war, for none shall stop the engine of magic and determination that is the Cult, and none shall stop our journey of returning the great god Panzer to the Realm, and transforming the Emperor's empire, right into his pyre... OH HO HO!

If you wish to speak to me, do so on my Message Wall, for it may be the last time you speak at all if you are not careful. Consider it in an honor if I reply. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha!

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