The named BOSS


  • I live in In .io games
  • My occupation is Destroying people on and other .io games
  • I am Evil my best song^^^^.

Hello, you may see me all over youtube yelling at people, as xzander hatcher, but idk.

Random things I might say sometimes:

Oh k then.

Hall of embarrassment

This is a place where I shove funny things people say in Chat.


well i only have 1h30 to be bored

before grav distracts me.,

chat's leggings are so hard

wait thats not right.,

Make sure ozun is recording this. i want to save this in a file, and then come up to zathus' face one day and show him how much fun we had molesting him


  • diemerz
  • *Teamera
  • *Reamerz
  • *Yeamerx
  • *Teamerz

I shakk maj your theme bettr.,

Bomber from dog simulator goat mode ass bullet. To kill a tank firing sloper 2000.3, "the Rainbow" and Darwinist of polygons, but the orange pentagon. Tanks, polygons and awards, experience and results. Unlimited map, on a white background. Note: do not shove up! ,

The most impressive is one of the five existing in the framework of modernization of the tank and it can go to Mexico. Unlike other up house, information is only available if the player chooses to upgrade to 15 level, but, instead of having to wait until level 30. You can also restore the mines, stunning cars, or train. ,

"heLO cOmE One, CoM aL (Do not actually come into the lab, or I will slice your head open.) inTOz MY LAb of reZerch!",

The shit is a secret boss Added 24. by may 2017. It paper attack, design and technology, many, most of the Obama to handle. Appears after each boss, with the possible exception of the fallen heads.,

Sun-Butt is fracturing us. A round, orange body with three jumps at the top. Three-jump the black circle at the top. on the walls of the tank 2 spray gun barrels. on one side is a trapezoid. part red. under the trapeze, the starter. on the back there is 2 jumps, one left and 1 right. ,

"Forgive" the tank and now it's blue team where are you hurt trapioki but to protect trapioki, if you kill a player against trapioki 15 seconds you get a Boost-increases download speed and increase regen. It continues to trapioki to die, or against trapioki farts bullets at least once, trapper, if you have a car cars for You to choose notifaction horse and said, "you made the right choice" when the war begins.,

Praise the Sun-Butt. We have an example of the difference. In the upper part of the three horses, the round, orange body. 3-the upper part of the black around the dance. tank, 2 cannons on the walls of the barrel. of the trapezoid. part of the red. a-line, according to the topic. 2 horses, 1 on the side of the left and right mouse button.,

Hello, I QWT0, kitchen, media, Finally, the Necromancer. Analysis of the Name of:QWT0 Bio?:It is the android, but the skin biological. Type of aquarium:Ultimancer Aunt Status:Well, and Protect the gates of heaven. Even the holidays. Alfa:7.23454345x3+5 Nigrománticos Capacity:1024754613575000% (MAX) Age:875 Thousands of years, the Guards at the Doors And, probably, this guy is a champion. Currently working on:Clayten "the True God at the centre of attention,

Next, Next, Dear Citizens. I steal souls. bureaucrat, Wiki and put the head on the handle. You have questions, problems, you can make an offer, shit, shit. I worked as the answer to all these sprays, in particular, the day the discussion of the publications on my website, but I'm doing this, not rape porno's, send me a message." "be afraid, shit, shit.,


(Nobody knows what Somber Falls is yet, Zathus)

I know that.

(Why are you talking to yourself?)

I don't know.,

Taco's song killed two people.

Good job.,

X-bow: Gone.

Disciples: Gone.

Trapper God: Stupid.

We Are Number One: Useless.,

My favorite number of the alphabet is yellow.

*salutes and kills myself*,

Master Ursuul is going to beat me if I fail >_<,

Ursuul used his master god magic and turned me into a girl. ;-; ,

Get raped

Whoops i didnt say that,

Everybody finds some way to make them my master. >_>

Master Ursuul will always be best master though ;),

Make me stronger

Feed me souls.





I think the avatar spins are fucking with it.,

me big scary Ursuul, ungh, ooga booga,


A concept…like math concepts? DAMN IT!,



I will win over my anti-social behaviour

9.5 years ago. And still hasn't been acomplished.,

See? I told you not to vote for fun mode.

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