These are the enemies from universe.


There are different enemies from different areas.

Spawn enemies


Bulleters, which are shaped like bullets and are very fast and small but have 15 hp and bd,

Chargees, which are like grey lancers with a yellow line coming from the back and going to the front, which rotates with the tank, 40 hp, attacks by dashing at the player.

Bulletees, which are grey basic tanks with a yellow plus sign on them which rotates with the tank, 50 hp.

MINIBOSS: Bigee, which is a, well BIG grey tank with three tank barrels which are spaced apart, but face in the same direction. It has 2 small spikes between the barrels. It has 550 hp, high bd, high bud, and lowish bp. It has a yellow plus sign and x shape stacked on top of each other, so it has 8 lines coming from the center of the tank, and rotates with the tank.

BOSS: Hugee, which is a huge grey tank which has 2 large Lancer Spikes, which curve inward near the part that attaches to hugee. It has 2 long gunner barrels, 2 big tank barrels, and one big compound barrel which shoots a slow destroyer shot. It has a yellow design too complex to explain in text. It has high BP, medium bud, medium bs, 2350 hp, and high bd.


Dusty desserts enemies

Cactoid, which is a lime green tank with 6 grey spikes placed on it, and two angry yellow eyes. 75 hp, attacks by dashing.

Mini sphinx, which is a tan basic tank with stone and wear patterns and a rounded square which also has stone patterns, 250 hp, attacks by aiming at the player slowly, and firing a small boulder which deals a LOT of damage.

MINIBOSS: Spiny turtle, which is a large tank, that has a shell with patterns on it, and 4 legs, and a head with 2 circular green eyes and 2 grey spikes on the head. The shell has lots of spikes on it, 1000 hp, attacks by swiping and smashing.

BOSS: Veloso-rupture, which is a Tank that is lv 45 size, it has a head with 2 angry red eyes, 2 legs, 2 short arm-legs, and a tail with a spike on the end. It has a auto gunner dominator turret on the top of the body.


Rupture: Will leap forward and savage a Tank with its arms. The tank takes heavy damage.

Slash: Will stab a Tank with its tail. That tank takes mild damage, and is paralyzed for 2 seconds, meaning that it cannot move or shoot.

The auto gunner dominator cannon is always firing on tanks. 3400 hp.


Green grove

Forest spinner, which is a brown circle with a small yellow one on top, and 4 lancer spikes spaced evenly around the brown one. 125 hp, attacks by spinning REALLY fast and moving toward the player.

Sneakee, which is a grey tank with three yellow lines running down the front, into the back, which rotate with the tank. It has a stalker barrel on the front, is always only 25 percent visible, attacks by camping in a spot and shooting at the player. 150 hp.

Wasprasher: Usually appear in packs of 20-30. Look like an oval, black and yellow striped, with another oval on the back, which is also striped. The first oval has 2 tiny lancer spikes on it, the second one has a less tiny lancer spike on the back. Attack by pointing their bigger lancer spike at a player, and charging. 25 hp.

MINIBOSS: Queen Wasprasher, which is a giant Wasprasher, with two red ovals for eyes, and 6 legs which are 2 black lines connected to the sides of the first oval. It also has 2 see through wing on the first oval, which are a blur, pretty much always because they are flapping so fast.


Swarm: Will pump out 5 Wasprashers.

Also tries to impale players with its back lance. 1250 hp.

BOSS: Core barrier, which is a huge maze wall, with a big blue circle on one side, it is covered in vines. It has pipes and stuff on top. It has 2 auto ranger turrets on it. It also has 2 auto gunner turrets on top. They are all firing at the player. It cannot move. Can only take damage through the blue circle. 10000 hp.


Laser: Will shoot a big blue bullet stream out of the blue circle very quickly. Tanks who hit it take high damage.

Zap: Will mark 7 5by5 tile areas with a blue circle, and any tank on those areas after 2.5 secs will get stunned which means you cannot do ANYTHING with your tank, for 5 seconds, and take mild damage.

Spawn: The back (the side opposite of the one with the blue circle) Will open up, and 5 chargees and 5 bulletees will come out.


Grove lab A1T58YQ

Gearbit, which is a grey 12 notch gear, with a grey circle on it, which has a small red circle on THAT. 150 hp, attacks by spinning, and charging and bouncing off walls.

Skim-tron, which is a grey skimmer with plating, with 2 spikes on back, and 2 gunner barrels beside the deployer. 400 hp. Attacks like you think it would.

Crash-D1F2O8, which is a red crasher, with plating, and a shield at the front. 200 hp, 50% resistance if hit on the shield. Attacks by its shield glowing white hot, and dashing at the player, giving the debuff burning, and dealing heavy damage.

MINIBOSS: The generator, which is a big grey square, with a lighting bolt symbol on it, and a ble circle under the grey square. 3000 hp.


Zap v2: Will mark 15 8by8 tile areas with a blue circle, and any tank on those areas after 1.5 secs will get stunned which means you cannot do ANYTHING with your tank, for 8 seconds, and take decent damage.

Tiny zaps: Will spawn 5 auto turrets randomly. These are unkillible, but explode when the miniboss is beaten. They look like normal auto turrets but with a spike on the barrel. Thier shots are yellow and stun players hit for 0.2 secs. They reload every 3 secs.

BOSS: Heavy Chargee&Heavy Bulletee, They are stronger versions of regular Chargee and Bulletee.

Heavy Chargee: Has 17k hp. Looks like a regular chargee, but has a long flat barrel on the back, which spews smoke, the lance is longer and on a trapezoid, and the yellow line is green. Is usually chasing players.


CHARRRGEEEE: Will move backward slowly for 3 seconds, smoke spewing out of the back barrel faster, and will dash at a player very quickly. All players hit will take very heavy damage.

Skim-dash: Will charge at a player quite quickly, and will release bullets out of the sides while doing it.

Heavy Bulletee: Has 25k hp. Looks like a regular Bulletee, but the yellow is green, it has a barrel like a predator, and there are 2 tiny spikes beside the gun. It is usually shooting at players, in bursts of 3 shots, all the same size.


BAM: Will shoot a burst of 3 destroyer shots in a spread formation out of its barrel, after the barrel smoking for 2 secs.

Pewpewpewpepwpepwpepwpepwpepw...: Will fire a bullet hell of about 150 gunner bullets over the course of 3 seconds, in about a 90 degree spread, out of its barrel.


The Rocky Wastelands

Rocker, which is a medium sized boulder with deep cracks in it, in the front and in the cracks there are two yellow glowing eyes, rocks all around the center boulder, does not move. Attacks by either launching one of the smaller rocks at the target, doing medium-high damage, or firing two blasts of energy out of its eyes, doing medium damage. 500 HP

Defendee, which is a grey square tank with 1 barrel on every side except the front, they fire normal bullets, and a shield type thing at the front that when hit, Defendee only takes half of the damage it normally would, it also has 2 gunner barrels at the front that act like a gunner trappers gunner barrels. 350 HP


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