Disaster Gamemode

Disaster is a Fanon Gamemode that's to survive disasters going on in the arena...


Devepoler:Devepoler Is A Disaster In The Gamemode,The Devepoler's Size Is 5 Times Bigger Than A Level 0 Tank,The Disaster Is An Arena Closer,The Color Is Purple Instead Of Yellow.
Infected:Infected Is The Second Disaster In The Gamemode,Infected Disaster Will Spawn 10 to 20 Green Shamshers And Spikes Coming To The Player If Near.
Crasher Predators:Crasher Predators Is The Third Disaster In The Gamemode,There Will Be 20 Crashers In The Middle,If Near A Crasher You Have to Run,1 to 10 Crashers Can Chase You.

???:??? Is The Fourth Disaster If Picked The Arena Will Be Dark And Black,But Its Going To Show A Gitiched Tank Chasing Players In The Arena,Its Bullets Are 400 Bullet Damage And It Has No Health.

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