aka AU12321 (rarely Poly-Z)

  • I live in server
  • I was born on August 17
  • My occupation is developing
  • I am a composite of Polygons. Also 8/17 is a day which "my profile picture has drawn", not my real birthday.
  • Anonymoususer12321
    • Me: get source code of
    • Also me: find bundle.js
    • Me again: find code for getting url of the servers
    • Yes it's me: arras template says "" will be funny so I tried that
    • Why not me: find some hidden new & meme tanks lol

    So then I'll list up these new & meme tanks here. Likely 5 tanks will be added everyday. Les' go.

    Important note: Since mockups.json only describes the design, I GUESSED all the stats.

    Just the with "Police Lights" mounted on the top. I think there aren't any difference from the Booster other than the decoration.

    (There's 3 Celestials)

    This one has a nonagon body with the 's color, with one Mega Trapper Turret placed on the each side. It will fire with the Mega Trapper's stats. Also, this Tank's …

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