• Me: get source code of
  • Also me: find bundle.js
  • Me again: find code for getting url of the servers
  • Yes it's me: arras template says "" will be funny so I tried that
  • Why not me: find some hidden new & meme tanks lol

So then I'll list up these new & meme tanks here. Likely 5 tanks will be added everyday. Les' go.

Important note: Since mockups.json only describes the design, I GUESSED all the stats.

Undercover Cop


Just the Booster with "Police Lights" mounted on the top. I think there aren't any difference from the Booster other than the decoration.

Celestial (#1)


(There's 3 Celestials)

This one has a nonagon body with the Pentagon's color, with one Mega Trapper Turret placed on the each side. It will fire Traps with the Mega Trapper's stats. Also, this Tank's size is double of the playable Tanks.

Celestial (#2)


(AKA Celestial Freyja)

The base shape, size, and Trap Turrets are same as the normal Celestial's. This has a green heptagon, with one Cruiser Turret named "Freyja Swarm" on the each side, on the top. There is also a green pentagon on the heptagon, with Gunner Turret with 2 Cannons mounted on the each side.



The Gunner with its outside 2 Cannons facing out a bit. Also its Cannons are bit wider (Exactly 10/7) than the Gunner. Probably upgrades from the Gunner.

Literally a Machine Gun


(Yes, that's the real name)

Probably also an upgrades from the Gunner. The front cannon is maybe just an decoration, and a Turret with 10 Cannons under the fake Cannon will be in charge of firing. It will spin fast while firing.



Rifle-Guard. OK?

Since Bushwhacker is Tier 4, Armsman will be the Tier 5 Tank.



The Hunter with 2 Artillery side Cannons. It probably upgrades from the Hunter or the Artillery.

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