• Coolestpip

    I did this at first due to boredom, but now it is Determination.

    I have loads of free time.

    Idc if it is pointless or can be done easily, I am doing this.

    Not doing abilities, summoning or resistances. Because this is going to take long enough... And it is a boss total, not each part of the boss.

    A Small Crasher has same hp as a Square. A Large Crasher has the same hp as a Triangle. A Green Square has the same hp as a Pentagon. That is why I am not putting these three.

    I would advise that you close the content table.

    Multi part things (Example: Cascade Army, a swarm of 10 mini bosses.), will be counted as one entity.

    Square: 10 hp

    Triangle: 30 hp

    Pentagon: 100 hp

    Green Triangle: 300 hp

    Green Pentagon: 1000 hp

    Alpha Pentagon: 3000 hp

    Squares: 300


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