Fall Out Wave

aka The Tidal Wave

  • Bio Formerly known as The Tidal Wave.
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  • Fall Out Wave

    Good day to everybody reading this, and welcome to June’s first and possibly only Wiki Update! Between this WU and the last, there were massive changes to the wiki itself, its users, its mobile applications, and its covered content, making this an update for the wiki in the truest way possible! Now let’s stop myself from blabbering on, and actually have a look…

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  • Fall Out Wave

    Hello, everybody! It’s a new month, and soon will be a new year, so Wikia is taking out the trash and bringing in some new stuff! From Blog Policies to category cleanup, let’s see what the past week has to offer…

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  • Fall Out Wave

    Sandbox on 27th!

    October 26, 2017 by Fall Out Wave

    As Patrik said on the previous wiki update, I’m part of the team now. So yeah, lots and lots of news this week, so let’s just jump in without further ranting…

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