Good day to everybody reading this, and welcome to June’s first and possibly only Wiki Update! Between this WU and the last, there were massive changes to the wiki itself, its users, its mobile applications, and its covered content, making this an update for the wiki in the truest way possible! Now let’s stop myself from blabbering on, and actually have a look…

Changelog News

During a long lack of coverage, Arras has received many updates. 4 Teams Domination was changed to 2 Teams Domination, et cetera.

Changelog Excerpt

PATCH 2018.06.03.01
  • Changed the 2TDM Domination server to 4TDM.
  • Added M for maximizing stats.
  • Added Z to toggle video recorder.
PATCH 2018.06.02.02
  • Added Tri-Trapper, upgraded from Trapper and Flank Guard.
  • Added Conqueror, upgraded from Destroyer and Trapper.
  • Added Auto-Assassin, upgraded from Assassin.
PATCH 2018.06.02.01
  • Nerfed drones.
  • Nerfed Manager.
  • Gunner-Trapper now branches off from Gunner, Trapper, and Trap Guard.
  • Doubled the size of the arena.
  • Buffed bosses.
  • Made bosses spawn more often.
PATCH 2018.06.01.01
  • Added Manager, upgraded from Director.
  • Added Stalker, upgraded from Assassin.
  • Added Landmine, upgraded from Smasher.
PATCH 2018.05.21.02
  • Changed the 4TDM Domination server to 2TDM Domination.
PATCH 2018.05.21.01
  • Nerfed Health Regen and Body Damage effectiveness.
  • Buffed drones slightly.
PATCH 2018.05.08.01
  • Nerfed Carrier.
PATCH 2018.05.07.01
  • Nerfed ram stats.
  • Nerfed Booster health.
  • Buffed Sniper bullet speed slightly.
PATCH 2018.05.05.01
  • Moved base protectors in Domination to the edge of the map.
  • Various nerfs and buffs.

Arras Gamemode Survey

CX also started a simple gamemode survey in the Arras changelog. Just answer the sheet to say your favourite gamemode for future use!

Event News

Next Sandbox

The next Sandbox is scheduled for 15:00-17:00 UTC (11 AM – 1PM Eastern Time), on June 23rd, 2018, which is a Saturday. Hope to see lotsa people there!


We have been waiting since April, of freaking 2017, to finally have a iOS version of our Community App to go along with the Android version. It does not appear that we will ever get one, but we did get the FANDOM App, which allows readers to access our Wiki in the same fashion that Community Apps can. The only difference is that the FANDOM App applies not just to the Wiki, but to 800+ Wikis, and it includes the ability to view FANDOM Editorials.

The Home Page has been edited to include a download link to the FANDOM App, and a new project page has been made (also linked in the Home Page) with instructions on how to use both the Community App and the FANDOM App to view the Wiki.

Download the app!

Apps documentation page

New EotM

DroneDestroyer was selected as the Editor of the Month of June for his consistently good edits and his role in establishing new Discussions Guidelines. Congratulations DD!

Policy News


Tech News


Home Page
  • MediaWiki:Monobook.css was deleted.
  • A bug with Interlanguage modules was fixed.
  • A bug wherein the user edit count might use a different font in some browsers was fixed.
  • ContribsButtons styles were cleaned up, removing !important where possible.
  • MediaWiki:Staff.css was heavily edited to accommodate JavaScript changes.
  • Definition lists (<dl>, <dt>, and <dd>) no longer have a gap between them and normal lists.
  • There is also no longer a gap between definition lists and headers, but only if the header is first.
  • Listbeta.css was installed; deeper lists now continue to alternate styles, and indentations (:) will now also alternate list style once-per-indentation, when used to increase list depth (i.e. :* over **).
  • We are testing new CSS on the backend; report any issues to a Code or Senior Administrator.
  • WikiaNotifs.css was made a default feature.
  • MediaWiki:Gadget-WDS Buttons.css now makes user-page & code-page edit buttons nearly identical to regular edit buttons.
  • MediaWiki:Gadget-Staff.css was heavily edited to:
    • Accommodate ContribsButtons cleanup,
    • Accommodate RTCL being uninstalled, and
    • Bundle font imports to increase performance.


FANDOM App — Android

As covered earlier, FANDOM recently released their consolidated iOS FANDOM App. However, the Android FANDOM App will follow suit in coming months, giving Android users two different apps to choose from should they desire to view the Wiki via a mobile app.


Although not covered in the last WU (it was instead announced in the Wiki Discord), the Wiki opted-in to serve HTTPS for all logged-in users on May 16th this year, to be one of the first test Wikis to use this feature. At this point point in time, all single-subdomain Wikis now serve HTTPS to logged-in users (e.g. serves HTTPS, but does not); this will increase the security of FANDOM websites.

Changelog News Polls
Do you plan to fill in the gamemode survey?

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Event News Polls
Are you excited for the new FANDOM App?

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Do you plan to attend the next Sandbox?

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Did DroneDestroyer deserve EotM?

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Tech News Polls
Do you like the Home Page changes (rename, Apps buttons, MP-Links)?

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FANDOM News Polls
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