As a Sentinel​, one of their jobs in the ​ Wikia​ is for the maintenance of it. One such example is the enforcing of ​Fanon Policies​, the general standards required by every ​Fanon​ pages to meet. But what to do when some of those pages failed to meet those policies? Here are some of the guidelines that can help.

Knowing your Rights

The main things that Sentinels are able (and needed) to do in order to handle Fanon pages are as follows:

  • The ability to prevent leaving redirects after page move;
  • Marking of pages as ​Patrolled​; and
  • Editing of threads and messages.

Normal users do not have this right, but most of other Staff​ ranks do. If you want to help, but are not currently a Sentinel yet (or have those rights), be sure to ​apply for​ ​Internship​, and show your best to be accepted as a real Staff.

Maintaining the Policies

So now you know what are the main things you can do to patrol Fanon pages. What to do next? Of course find Fanon pages. With over ​1,331​ pages, you are most likely to stumble upon a Fanon page by going to ​Special:Random/Fanon​.

Now that you landed on a Fanon page, check it thoroughly if it meets the Fanon Policies. If the page haven’t currently met the policies but isn’t one-week old since its creation, leave it for a while. If the one-week grace period has passed and it still didn’t meet the policies, depending on the issue, do the following:

No Ownership Data is Provided

If {{Fanon}} has no information provided regarding the concept's ownership, check the page's history to see who created the page. Then, edit the infobox by filling out the appropriate parameter's. Alternatively, you can directly ask the page's creator regarding its ownership. At the end, it should be stated who is/are the author/s of the concept. If the author of said page is an anonymous user (users who haven’t logged in, usually noted by their IP Address or as “A FANDOM User”), fill out the infobox' collaborators parameter with public, since it is impossible to know who’s who with IPs.

Appropriate Categories are Missing

If a Fanon page is about a Tank concept, it must be categorized as Fanon Tanks. If it is a Boss concept, then Fanon Bosses. To put simply, each Fanon pages must be properly categorized, so users can easily browse through and read certain concepts that they only like.

Other Issues

This is the part where the rights as a Sentinel are actually used and applied. Unless you are the owner of the page, in which you might want to fix it by yourself, or if the only problem are the links, which you might also go fix it by yourself (cite it at the Edit Summary), here are the things that are needed to do:

  • Check the page’s history to see who created the page.
  • Check and clear WhatLinksHere.
    • Go to the pages that are included, and edit those to remove the link/s that lead to that Fanon page.
    • Go to the threads that are included, and check each messages/replies carefully to find which links to that Fanon page.
    • Delete the associated talk page of the Fanon page. (Optional, bots deal with them regularly)
    • If the included page is a User blog or a comment, it is best to ask assistance from a Moderator or higher Staff to edit those to remove the link/s.
  • Move the page to the author’s userspace (e.g. User:ExampleUser/ExamplePage)
    • Change the namespace from Fanon to User, and replace ExampleUser and ExamplePage with the user’s name and the page’s name, respectively. Make sure that the name is exactly the same, otherwise it will be moved to the other user’s space.
      • If the page is an adopted concept, move the page to the adopter’s userspace instead, since it is their responsibility to maintain it.
    • Do not leave both “Rename associated talk page” and “Leave a redirect behind” boxes checked. The reason for the first one is because they can mess up with the user’s message wall, and for the second one is that redirects are not allowed on Fanon namespace.
      • The “Follow this page” box is up to you whether you should leave it since if it is checked, it will notify you changes on that page through your E-mail address.
    • After moving the page, remove all categories from it.
    • There are some instances (apart from pages created by anonymous users that didn’t meet the policies) that Fanon pages are outright deleted instead. This includes but not limited to excessive and explicit content (sexual, harassful, racist, etc), off-topic (not related or having inspiration in in any way), and a simply slapped Fantasy Tank Builder code and almost nothing else. If you are unsure whether they should be moved or deleted, ask an Administrator for assistance.

Voilà! You just succesfully enforced the Fanon Policies on a page. Now, check other pages and do this if they also do not meet the policies. However, you may noticed that you haven’t used the Patrol tool. The next part will detail it.

Making Use of the Patrol Tool

This is a job that will make everyone’s job a million times easier.

Okay, since explaining this is pretty hard (for me, at least), let me copy instead what Senior Admin. Ursuul once said.

This is a job that will make everyone’s job a million times easier. It can be used for all edits, but where it really counts is in NewPages. You will notice that several of the entries have yellow tint; this means the page has not been patrolled. If you click the link to the page, at the very bottom you can see a [Mark this page as patrolled] link. If you click that, it marks a page is having been checked by Staff.

So how is this useful? Well, if you see a new conception, & you add categories to it or whatever & it otherwise meets the Fanon Policies, then you can mark it as patrolled; this means no one else needs to check that page. If after the one-week grace period, a conception still doesn’t meet the Fanon Policies, & you move it to the User namespace / remove categories, then you can mark it as patrolled since you have already checked it. Also note that if a page doesn’t meet the policies & it’s still in the grace period, you should NOT mark it as patrolled since it may need to be checked later.

In summary, using this tool notifies other Staff members that the said Fanon page is now checked, which can save time and do more things in a faster rate. Just don’t mark a page as patrolled if it is still on its one-week grace period and doesn’t meet the policies. With this tool, you can use Special:NewPages to patrol all new Fanon pages as they are created rather than randomly finding pages via Special:Random/Fanon.

The End

I’m pretty sure you have read carefully and understand anything said here. Thank you for reading, and good luck on patrolling Fanon pages.

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