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Breaking news: the first Mini Tourney is starting 5 February UTC! The theme is GHOST BATTLE! Only invisible tanks may be used — if you try to use something else, you shall be haunted by the Arena Closer for eternity! (And disqualified.) Experience the mystery of creeping tanks hidden from sight... stalk innocents and give them the shock of their lives... have fun!

How to Enter (Tourney FULL!)

  • Sign up on this blog post by requesting to join.
  • Show up in the Chat when your matches are scheduled.
  • Receive the secret Sandbox link from the Judge in PM & begin.


The judge will always be a Speed-Build Ranger (or maybe a Stalker) so that they can be out of the way, but still able to watch the match. Players start on either side of the server, & once the Judge spins three times, they will move away & the round begins. First to kill the other wins the round, & you play best 2 out of 3 rounds (except in later rounds — more info below) to win the match. The match winner progresses to the next stage of the tournament, & the loser is eliminated.


  • All non-invisible tanks are off limits.
  • You may not share the Sandbox link, if you do, then the Match has to be redone.
  • In the match, you have to name yourself as your Username on Wikia.
    • Judges will be named “Judge”, and must state their tank name.
  • Start where the Judge directs and positions you with their barrel.
    • If the Judge spins once then fires at a tank during setup, that tank must reveal themselves. If no tank is fired at but the Judge still spins once, everyone must become visible.
  • Do not move or fire until the Judge spins three times and fires.
    • Managers must keep their Drones in one place & may not move them until the Judge spins.
  • First player to die loses the round.
    • The Judge may call it a tie & have you redo it if you kill each other simultaneously.
    • Killing yourself with O forfeits the round.
    • Being killed by a Polygon still counts as losing the Round.
    • Changing your tank with the \ key automatically forfeits the round.
  • Best 2 out of 3 rounds wins the Match.
    • Semi-Finals Matches are best 3 out of 5.
    • Finals are best 4 out of 7.
  • If a complication happens wherein the Judge accidentally gets involved in the fight, then the Round is redone.




Player 1 Player 2 Time Time Date Winner Videos
Contestant Contestant Given Requested Battle - -
Oo1 Mr Epic null null null Oo1 -
Kuro Phil null null null Kuro
(By default)
Hayden Underslime null null Fri 10,
Feb 2017
(Hayden forfeits)
Aysha Robot 12:30 UTC

(7:30 AM EST)

Aysha: Done

Robot: Done

Thu 9,

Feb 2017






Player 1 Player 2 Time Time Date Winner Videos
Contestant Contestant Suggested Given Competition - -
Oo1 Kuro null null null Kuro
(By default)
Underslime Aysha null null null Aysha
(By default)


Player 1 Player 2 Time Time Date Winner Videos
Contestant Contestant Suggested Given Competition - -

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