Note: Receiving three kicks total results in an instant ban, although certain infractions result in an instant ban. If you are banned from chat, you will also be given a Strike.

Rule 1

Spam will result in a kick.

What classifies as spam is:

  • Three or more lines of the same text
  • More than 6 lines of text without other users posting between them
    • It is allowed if it is genuine conversation.
  • Posting Zalgo text

Rule 2

Keep it civil.

If you are causing a lot of drama that is bothering users, a staff member will decide a punishment for you.

Generally the punishment for causing drama should be a kick, but if it is more extreme, a ban may be necessary.

Rule 3

Do not post links to sites with malware, adware, other malicious viruses, or instant download links.

Posting one of these will result in a three day ban.

Rule 4

Do not post spoilers in chat.

Posting a spoiler will result in a kick.

Rule 5

Do not link porn in the chat.

Linking any type of porn will result in a one week ban.


Cropping porn into avatars is acceptable, as long as all of the parts that are actually porn are unviewable.

No Gore

Seriously, this is Wikia not 4chan.

Rule 6

Do not break Wikia’s ToU by saying words that are against it, such as racial slurs.

Breaking this normally will result in a kick, but trying to bypass it will result in an instant two hour ban.

Rule 7

Do not harass another user by asking for their personal information, repeatedly insulting them without reason, attacking or spamming them in private messages, or doing something to annoy them on purpose.

If someone is harassing you, please tell one of the staff on the wiki, so they can deal with the problem.

The mod will decide the punishment, depending on how bad the harassment was.

Rule 8

Bypassing a ban by using an alternate account will result in a permanent ban of the alternate account, as well as the ban on the original account being extended.

Breaking this multiple times in one ban will result in a permanent ban on the original account.

Rule 9

Do not curse at others in chat. You may cuss or insult public figures, but not at other people within the chat in any kind of unwelcome disparaging manner. You will be kicked if you do.

Rule 10

You can only post 2 party links before you get kicked for pasting a third party link. An exception occurs if you post 2 links and wait about half an hour.

Rule 11

Posting 4 repeated links of ANY kind will result in a kick. An exception is made for special font codes that some use, so long as it does not get out of hand.

Rule 12

Posting 3 images in a row or in a column without posting relevant text between them will result in a kick. Note: Other users posting text in between your gifs does NOT reset the counter.