At long last, it's out! What with Ursuul being sick and everyone being busy, this Wiki Update has been lengthily delayed, but it reinforces the fact that we need more people to help with Wiki Updates—now's your chance to stand out. Meanwhile we've survived the code apocalypse, begun the 3rd Conception Tournament, and improved the wiki in a number of minor ways.

Event News

3rd Conception Tournament

Back by popular demand, Zathsu has started yet another tournament! There are seven different exciting categories to apply for and the winner of each category will receive a special reward! That being said, only a maximum of 16 different conceptions will be accepted per Zathsu's rules and they must meet extra rigorous standards. May the best conception win!

Submit Conceptions Here!

Sandbox results

While not a very populous Sandbox, a few topics were covered. Some users raised concerns that swearing was an issue, but they were assured that Moderators are perfectly capable of using their good sense to put a stop to cursing when it becomes disruptive, without needing to ban swearing altogether.

Category Cleanup

TheGoldenPatrik1 has slightly cleaned up and improved our Categories by creating Talk pages for some of them, converting traditional [[:Category:Example|Example]] links to use {{CA}}, and adding RandomInCategory WDS buttons via a new template to categories with 20 or more items in them.

Community-to-do-list improvements

TheGoldenPatrik1 has expanded MediaWiki:Community-to-do-list for Special:Community, which is our Community Portal for new arrivals. It now contains more detailed instructions for how new editors can help out around the Wiki, and as always, feedback is welcome on the talk page. You can always find that talk page by hitting the “talk” button from Special:Community, and you can find that page by clicking “Community” in the “Explore” dropdown in the Top Navigation (in Monobook, it is the first link in the “ community” section of the Sidebar to the left). It is useful to know how to find the Community page because our current projects are posted there if you want to help out!

Policy News

WU Delays

Lately WUs have not held to a weekly schedule, largely due to Ursuul being busy. A handful of users help out, but more help would be needed if WUs are to continue once every week. Otherwise, there may occasionally only be monthly WUs; such monthly WUs would not have an Infobox.

Article Comments Community Vote

After thorough discussion, it seems that two broad camps have arisen: those who do not want Article Comments restored in any way at all, and those who want them enabled solely in Fanon namespace pages for users only (no anons). Therefore, there shall soon be a Community Vote to decide what to do about Article Comments, and although the Administrators have still yet to decide how it shall go, chances are good that it will be a 2-option choice between what each of the aforementioned camps want.

So, expect a highlighted thread soon, and be ready to vote! The vote will likely begin as soon as FANDOM Staff lets us know if we can use AbuseFilter to stop anonymous users from commenting. Also note that blog comments will not be affected regardless of what decision is made.


Tech News


ContribsButtons has been installed. Basically, this changes the normal links on a User’s Contributions page into a panel of WDS-esq buttons, customized for this wiki. MediaWiki:Gadget-Staff.css has also been tweaked to be compatible with these buttons for those users employing modern styles; if some of the buttons are still invisible for you, then your CSS needs to be modernized.

JavaScript cleanup completed successfully

Crisis has been averted and MediaWiki:Tournaments.js is no longer in danger of being removed by FANDOM Staff. This means the current Conception Tournament shall not be disrupted, and with that hiccup taken care of, our code base is now up to par.


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