Hey-O-lads, soon I will be going on a minor hiatus as I am moving house, but the Wikia will be in good hands. For now, let’s go over all the happenings from last week, & look to the next shall we?

Wiki Event News

Fanon category project

Most canon categories, such as Category:Gameplay, have descriptions and parent categories of their own. In an effort to continue organizing DCoW content, everyone is welcome to add brief, descriptive summaries to any of the Fanon categories. If a category is found which should be renamed, or is unneeded, or is in need of expansion, reporting that to a Senior Administrator or Community Administrator would be appreciated.

Fanon tournament

The Second Conception Tournament is still accepting nominations (until September 4th), so if you have any conceptions you think could compete, feel free to nominate yours or another’s; remember initially it’s two entries per category max, and the winner of each category shall receive a Medal.[1]

Wiki Policy News

Local Groups documentations completed

The following user-groups pages have been completed:

Because user-groups on our Wikia will soon be changed, the documentations are necessary in order to explain what each group can now do. Feel free to read over them if you are curious; in a couple days the rights will be changed and the documentations will be accurate.

Tribunal’s decision

As stated here, a Tribunal would be created to decide where each Staff member would go after the Administrator Repurposing. The Tribunal has made its decisions, and they shall be listed below:

User Old Rights New Rights
Ursuul Senior Administrator[2] Senior Administrator[2]
Zathsu Senior Administrator[2] Senior Administrator[2]
Banarama Junior Administrator[3] Community Administrator[4]
Code Administrator[5]
Teamerz Junior Administrator[3] Sentinel[6]
Chapsteck4yurlipis Junior Administrator[3] Code Administrator[5]
Underslime Senior Moderator[7] Moderator[8]
Radium212 Senior Moderator[7] Community Administrator[4]
Graviatar Junior Moderator[9] Sentinel[6]
Diepmon Junior Moderator[9] None[10]
Tacocat247 Junior Moderator[9] Sentinel[6]
Code Administrator[5]
Fall Out Wave Intern[11] Sentinel[6]
TheGoldenPatrik1 Intern[11] Moderator[8]
ArenaCloser1337 Intern[11] None[10]

The changes listed in the above table will not be carried out immediately, instead they will be carried out by Ursuul once Fandom Staff make the user-group changes. Several Staff members have already requested that they be able to demote themselves if it turned out they would be demoted, so if any Staff do not want Ursuul to be the one to update their rights, they have until Thursday to update their own (provided they are able).

Résumé changes

Project:Joining Staff was updated slightly to reflect the new roles of Community Administrators. It is now the responsibility of Community Administrators to review Résumés applying for Moderator and Sentinel rights, and if they should grant Internships to anyone, it shall be their responsibility watch over their Interns and then make the decision about whether to promote or demote them afterward. Code Administrator and Community Administrator promotions/demotions are still handled solely by Senior Administrators.

It should also be noted that Community Administrators are effectively responsible for all Moderators and Sentinels, & may demote or promote either as they see fit. Senior Administrators, while they will no longer be promoting Moderators or Sentinels except in extreme circumstances, may demote them if the need is present.

Promotions & Demotions

Note: This does not include changes listed in the above table unless it is a full demotion.

Tech News

UserTags spring cleaning

Our massive UserTags configuration has been trimmed down & optimized. VIP Tags will no longer link to a user’s point-of-origin, & the Tags have been updated to reflect the new user-rights changes. Overall, the cleanup represents a 20,000 byte reduction in the overall file size of Common.js, from 37,000 down to 17,000, which may prove to decrease load-times slightly.

It should also be noted that Wikia.css was updated to include a restriction on the number of Tags a given person may have at once; the cap is at three. Additionally, overall the UserTags CSS was trimmed down slightly.

Staff Comment colors

Fandom Staff have their colors shaded slightly differently than other comments, to signify their abilities. Mirroring this, all Senior & Community Administrators have had their comments similarly shaded. It is being considered whether Moderators should also have their comments shaded (since they can moderate comments too), or if the shading should be restricted to Senior Administrators only, or if it should be left as is. If anyone has a preference, please say so in the comments.

Fandom News

Fan Feed changes

Per this update, the Fan Feed at the bottom of the page on all Wikias will triple, nearly quadruple in size. It shall include everything from native advertisements & Trending Fandom Articles, to Discussions posts & local articles from this Wikia.

Wiki Policy News Polls
Do you find the user-groups documentation pages to be informative?

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Do you agree with most of the Tribunal’s decisions?

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How do you feel about Community Administrators (Content Mods) handling new résumés?

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Tech News Polls
Who do you think should have colored comments?

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Fandom News Polls
How do you feel about the new Fan Feed?

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Contributors to this Update



  1. Medals, nor signifiers for pages only, shall be given out for second or third place winners of a given category. This is primarily due to the already high number of Rewards being issued from this tournament, & the potential for a single person to win multiple categories. No page-only signifiers (such as Era Icons) of victory shall be given for the same reason, in addition to the lack of security & verifiability of signifiers when the author does not also receive a corresponding Reward.
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